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Australian Gypsy Jazz CDs

There are many fine Gypsy Jazz musicians and bands in Australia and New Zealand. Below is a sampler of CDs available by these artists. Click on the link to contact the artist and order the CD.
If you'd like your CD to be listed here, email me on info@ozmanouche.com.

Django's Castle - Hank Marvin Gypsy Jazz

Hank Marvin appeared at the 2015 Ozmanouche Festival with his group Hank Marvin Gypsy Jazz. His new CD has been attracting rave reviews:
"Marvin stands well out on every cut, Taylor the true swingin’ rhythm section. Mondia sandwiched in between, but a guy who comes out with killer solos as well, complementing Marvin or carrying on the melodics – in essence, playing Grappelli to Marvin’s Django. Forget about me choosing a favourite track, as every single cut is dauntingly gemlike."
(Fame Review by Mark S. Tucker)

Django's Castle is available from www.cdbaby.com/cd/hankmarvin

Ups and Downs - Ewan MacKenzie

Ewan's first Manouche CD under his own name consists of mostly original material and features Jan Van Dijk on violin.
Price $25 for CD, $12.00 download.
Order from https://ewanmackenzie.bandcamp.com/

The Spyglass Gypsies

The Spyglass Gypsies hail from Sydney. They played Ozmanouche in 2013 and play an original and very elegant style of Gypsy Jazz.
Price: $20 CD, $12 mp3 download.
Order from: www.spyglassgypsies.com or www.spyglassgypsies.bandcamp.com

II - Mystery Pacific

Mystery Pacific were Ewan MacKenzie's first foray into Jazz Manouche. This is their second CD, recorded in 2005.
Price $9.00 for digital download from https://ewanmackenzie.bandcamp.com/album/ii


Mimosa are Morgan Haselden and Phoebe O'Shea - they're from Sydney and are a new and exciting addition to Australian Gypsy Jazz. Their new CD is Road to Samois.
Price: $20 CD, $16 download.
Order from http://mimosaduo.bandcamp.com/album/road-to-samois

Live 2004 - Mystery Pacific

Mystery Pacific were Ewan MacKenzie's first foray into Jazz Manouche. This is their first CD, recorded live at the Brisbane Jazz Club in 2004.
Price $9.00 for digital download from https://ewanmackenzie.bandcamp.com/album/live-2004

Jon Delaney

Jon is a fine guitarist from Melbourne. He plays in Ultrafox, the Furbelows and La Mauvaise Reputation, and he has still found time to record a solo album. It's a great sounding CD featuring guest accordionist Salvatore Greco.
Price: $15 CD, $10 download.
Order from http://jondelaney.bandcamp.com/album/distance

La Mauvaise Reputation

Classic french chanson and gypsy swing from Australian gypsy jazz virtuosos La Mauvaise Réputation. This stunning second album features the songs of Piaf, Trenet and other French greats.
Price: $20 CD, $15 download.
Order from http://lamauvaisereputation.bandcamp.com/album/bad-reputation


Ultrafox are one of Australia's finest Manouche outfits, featuring exciting musicianship and consumate vocals. Their second CD Le Bruit Des Cabarets takes them in a different and original direction.
Price: $20 CD, $15 download.
Order from http://ultrafox.bandcamp.com/album/le-bruit-des-cabarets-the-noise-of-bars

La Petite Manouche - Legacy

Robbie Averill and Burke Goffe met studying jazz in Christchurch, NZ, and formed La Petite Manouche - a guitar duo with influences of gypsy and modern jazz, creating a unique fusion of music. Influences range from Django to classical and baroque music, free jazz to fusion, celtic and world music, even popular and dance music. Legacy is their first album, released in 2011.
Price: $15.99 CD, $9.99 download.
Order from http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/lapetitemanouche

La Petite Manouche - Odd Times, Odd Places

Their second album is a step towards modern jazz from a more traditional gypsy jazz sound: original compositions with odd time signatures, exciting arrangements of standard and traditional tunes. Featuring international violinist Fiona Pears and Tim Sellars on percussion.
Price: $15.99 CD, $9.99 download.
Order from http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/lapetitemanouche3

Paris Dreaming - Rue de Cotte

Paris Dreaming consists of Ewan Mackenzie on guitar and Kay Sullivan on accordion. It will perhaps surprise listeners to recognise that almost all tracks on this CD are self-penned rather than covers and this reinforces their immersion in and understanding of this musical form. Here they re-invent Paris in the Australian imagination.
Price: $20.00 CD, $10.00 download.
Order from https://ewanmackenzie.bandcamp.com/album/rue-de-cotte

Gadjo Guitars - Two Down One Up

This album features Stan Valacos on double bass. Nigel Date on acoustic guitar (right channel) and Cameron Jones (left channel). We recorded in Stan's fantastic studio and have made every effort to make this sound as good as possible. The music is a mixture of old American jazz standards, a couple of Django Reinhardt tunes and some originals. The performances are all as an ensemble live in the studio.
Price: $10.00 download.
Order from http://gadjoguitars.bandcamp.com/album/two-down-one-up