OZ Manouche
The Date Brothers

Ian has been performing professionally since age 14.
When he was 20 he moved to Sydney NSW Australia and
became heavily involved in the music scene. Ian based himself
in Sydney for the next 20 years and performed and recorded
with many of Australia's jazz greats.
In the mid 1980's he undertook his first international excursions
and appeared with many jazz stars from various countries. He
lived in The Netherlands for a year in 1990 where he worked
regularly with Fapy Lafertin. He has been playing gypsy jazz for
many years and has eagerly promoted the music amongst his
fellow guitarists.
He has written music for TV and film, appeared on television,
radio and theatre and played on more than 70 albums. He is
rightly regarded as one of Australia's great guitar players.
Ian has performed all over Australia and 37 other countries at
various festivals and events.
Equally at home on the acoustic and electric guitar, Ian's playing
is firmly rooted in the jazz tradition.
He has his own engaging style and he brings his intelligence,
craft, musicality, skill and humour to all his projects. Critics
have described his playing and performances as lyrical,
endlessly inventive, masterful and his live performances as
thoroughly entertaining. Since 2002 he has based himself in
In June of 2015 he appeared on the first gypsy jazz album (with
Tommy Emmanuel, Nigel Date, Ian Cooper and Alex Boneham)
for Tommy's new record label: CGP Sounds. The album is
called "Just Passing Through". Find out more
at http://cgpsounds.com/just-passing-through/
Watch a clip from the session
at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csnBaRcUs_I
Ian will be appearing at the festival with Nigel Date and Howard
Cairns. More information about them can be found
at http://datebrothers.com/